Why and how is MRI of joints performed


An important element of our body is the joints – the joints of the bones. Their health ensures the ease and painlessness of the movements of our limbs and other parts of the body. While all is well, we do not notice how important good joint health is. When they start to hurt, any movement can cause unbearable sensations. For proper treatment in such cases, it is very important to make a diagnosis of high accuracy. For such a diagnosis, the method of magnetic resonance imaging is very often used.

Main indications for MRI of joints

Many problems and traumatic situations are diagnosed directly by the doctor, but in difficult cases, additional diagnostic procedures, including MRI, are often prescribed. The Medical Center on Botkinsky offers its patients, if necessary, to undergo an MRI procedure on high-quality modern devices that provide high detailing of the examined internal organs. Most often, the patient is referred for an MRI of the joints with the following problems:

– traumatic conditions, including fractures and ruptures of tendons;

– tumors of bone and soft tissues;

– chronic degenerative diseases (arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.)

Preparing for the procedure and performing an MRI of the joints

The procedure for MRI of joints itself does not require any special preparation. You just need to come to the treatment room with the appointment of the attending physician, where it will be indicated which joint needs to be examined. The most common joints that undergo MRI are:

– knee;

– wrist;

– hip;

– shoulder.

In the presence of chronic diseases, the attending physician may need not only new images, but also previous MRI results to determine the course of the disease and its dynamics. An MRI scan does not take much time. If you are scheduled for a specific time, then the whole procedure, together with a doctor’s consultation, can take about half an hour. The accuracy of the diagnosis in the presence of highly detailed images helps to effectively deal with the problem that has arisen.

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