How to wear snood


Today, all possible varieties of scarves are especially fashionable and popular. In the cold season, snoods, as a kind of scarves, have become even more popular. In their shape, they resemble a conventional clamp. This is a scarf that is looped in its shape. It is worn over the head over clothing and performs not only a decorative function. Such a scarf can keep you warm in the cool season, and can also refresh even the most modest dress or coat.

In this article we will tell you about some of the main types of snoods or scarves-collars. First of all, it should be noted that snoods or clamps are divided into several categories. They are light, demi-season and warm. Lightweight scarves have a cotton structure. They have a decorative function. Most often they are made from lightweight tissue. These scarves can complement a dress. But they do not carry any protective function in themselves. Demi-season options are the best choice.

Most often they are made from soft wool and high quality cotton. Snood, which is associated with such a symbiosis of fabrics, is the most popular autumn accessory among girls and women of any age. Warm scarves clamps are the most demanded in the winter season. Many girls simply don’t wear hats. It is in such situations that scarves, clamps or snoods can save. They are made from bulky yarns. Most often, these scarves have a large knit.

They can be decorated with fur, rarely stones and rhinestones. More and more often there are scarves that are completely knitted from fur. For such purposes, thin cuts, strips of fur are used, of which a scarf is more useful to knit. The advantages of scarves worn around the neck are that snood scarves are easy to put on. You don’t need to learn any additional techniques in order to beautifully lay such a scarf on your shoulders. The more carelessly he falls on his shoulders, the better. You need to take the sound product and straighten it along its entire length. After that, you need to throw a scarf over your head. It all comes down to the fact that the upper part is fixed on the neck, and the remnants of the lower part hang down like a waterfall on the chest and under the neck. Do you wear snoods in the cold season?

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