How to make two courgette dishes? “Fritters” and “Fried zucchini”


1. At 900g. take half of the zucchini flour (455 gr.); four eggs and 95 grams of fat; sour cream (optional).
To do this:
Twist the peeled parts of the zucchini through a meat grinder. Stir well with raw eggs, sifted portions of flour. Then stir in the salt. Fry on each side and treat with thick sour cream.
2. For 1kg 200g. peeled zucchini pieces (divided into cylinders) need three tbsp. l. sifted flour; 110 g margarine (or vegetable oil); 135 g sour cream; three cloves of garlic.
It is better to fry not thick layers of zucchini (with a small diameter).
Grated with garlic, roll in flour. Place on a hot oil surface.
Feast on with a mixture of fine dill and sour cream.

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