How to jump on a trampoline to avoid injury?

How to jump on a trampoline to avoid injury? Tips

Fun entertainment gained particular popularity in the 90s of the last century. Unfortunately, as it grew, the number of injuries and accidents increased.

Trampoline jumping has earned a reputation as a very dangerous pastime nowadays, as many accidents associated with this fun but dangerous activity are recorded every year. Many specialists (mainly pediatric traumatologists) do not recommend installing this entertainment at home. But then you need to give up riding bicycles or practicing in home pools and so on. Manufacturers have developed recommendations for jumping safety measures that are available to buyers of these products.

Therefore, it may just be worth following a few simple safety rules, than to exclude a pleasant and useful activity for the development of children? The most important requirement is that only one child should jump on the apparatus, in this case, risky collisions with other participants in the entertainment will be excluded, which can lead to injuries as a result of falling from the projectile or from hitting the body of another child. Another important cause of accidents is the moment when a child jumps from a springboard to the ground instead of calmly descending from a projectile.

Children are often injured by stupid antics, such as jumping from a rooftop onto a trampoline or using it as a springboard to jump into a pool. But the main thing is the unreasonable behavior of several children at the same time. Also, the risk may be due to the unprofessional installation of the attraction in a dangerous place, for example, in the immediate vicinity of a house or other structure. Thus, all this indicates that the number one cause of accidents may be associated with improper use and installation of the projectile, as well as a lack of adult supervision over children’s entertainment.

Parents need to control their children, not only because they make dangerous movements and poor coordination of their bodies. To minimize the risk of accidents, you need to teach children to use a children’s attraction or sports equipment wisely. Learning the right movements contributes to the development of all muscles and the burning of extra calories, which is much more effective than with any other activity, exercise, if all safety measures are followed. As a result, if all the requirements for the installation of an attraction (sports equipment) and the organization of entertainment or developmental activities are met, it is possible not only to avoid traumatic situations, but also to achieve recovery and development of the child’s body.

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