How to choose parquet flooring?

How to choose parquet flooring? Tips

During major and cosmetic repairs, the floor covering is subject to replacement, this may cause problems, since there are many coatings, but the most durable and reliable is parquet, which we will now talk about the choice of.

When choosing a parquet, you should pay attention to the quality of the wood, texture, pattern, as well as the color scheme. Let’s consider each parameter in more detail.

The better the wood, the more expensive the parquet. The most popular parquet options are oak, maple, ash, birch and beech. For protection, the parquet surface is coated with a special varnish or oil.

Varnish is necessary to close the pores on the surface of the wood, in addition to everything else, the parquet becomes glossy, small irregularities are smoothed out. The oil, in turn, enhances the “warmth” of the wood, and the texture becomes visually more natural.

It is recommended to re-varnish the parquet every six to seven years. The oil should be applied once a year. In the CIS countries, lacquered parquet is very popular, in European countries – oil.

When it comes to texture and pattern, it will largely depend on the sorting of the batch. There are three types of sorting, it can be – rustic, select and nature. Rustic has knots and a difference in color. The selection is characterized by the absence of knots. Natur is knotted parquet and pure wood.

Everything is simple in color, it should be combined with the interior of the house. If you choose the color of the parquet in the shop window, ask to lay out three or four boards on the floor, this is the only way to correctly determine the shade of the floor covering.

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