How to choose nail polish

How to choose nail polish Tips

In the arsenal of every girl, we can argue, something, but nail polishes – a huge amount! Indeed, with the help of varnish, you can create the final touch in creating a stylish and beautiful image, so you need to have colors for all occasions.

However, choosing a good varnish is not so easy. And the fact is that it should not only have an attractive color, but also be easily applied to the nail plate, hold on for a long time, and also not harm your nails. Bad nail polishes have an extremely negative effect on the condition of your nail plate – they turn yellow, exfoliate and, as a result, break. And this is very unpleasant, because everyone wants to have beautiful long nails, and not extended or pasted, but their own.

How Do You Pick a Good Nail Polish? First, do not buy varnish anywhere. It needs to be bought from a specialty cosmetics store. Be sure to pay attention to the date when the varnish was produced. The fresher the polish is, the better it will adhere to the nails and dry faster, thus, you will not spend a huge amount of time on your manicure.

Be sure to open the varnish before buying and pay attention to its consistency. If the varnish drips quickly and easily from the brush, it means that it is fresh, of good quality and, as a result, will be very good in application. If the varnish is thick, heavy, dripping with difficulty from the brush, then either it is already drying up, or it is simply not of very high quality in itself. Thick varnish will dry on nails for a very long time and, at the same time, may still be covered with ugly bubbles.

The brush also plays a huge role in applying varnish. The correct brush should be of medium length, the bristles should fit snugly one to one and be the same length. The brush should lie evenly on the nail plate, smoothly flowing around the cuticle area.

The smell also plays an important role, the more chemical it is, the worse the effect of the varnish on your nails will be. World famous manufacturers of cosmetics strive to ensure that their products are as environmentally friendly as possible, so even nail polishes today can be produced with a minimum amount of chemicals in the composition. Therefore, we recommend that you give preference to well-known brands that produce products that are not dangerous to your beauty.

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