How to choose men’s signet?


All kinds of rings, signet rings are some of the universal jewelry that are suitable for both women and men. The most popular products for members of the opposite sex are seals. Such items are now represented by many famous designers, which provides an excellent choice.

When purchasing seals made of gold or silver, you should pay attention to fashionable options decorated with precious stones. In the center there is a large stone: round, oval, square. On two sides or on four, a frame of small stones is created. The most fashionable option now is the “Marquise”, which uses a large oval-shaped stone for decoration.

Men’s gold seals can be without stones. In this case, the most attractive products are those on which jewelers place mottos or famous sayings in Latin. You can choose them, guided by your life credo. The most common phrases are: “the first among equals”, “a man of great mind”, “rise and act”, etc.

The seals with the signs of the zodiac, images of animals, insects, reptiles, and various symbols are also attractive. Designers go to meet men’s hobbies, depicting logos of famous clubs on these jewelry.

Choosing men’s seals, you need to be guided by the shape and length of the fingers. If the hand is large, the fingers are wide, a small piece of jewelry will look ridiculous. For such a man, a massive piece of jewelry is better suited. On the owner of long thin fingers, an elegant stylish seal will look great.

It is also important to wear the jewelry correctly. The signet is put on the middle or ring finger. She makes a good combination with cufflinks, in this case it is better not to wear a bracelet.

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