Household chemicals: how to make a quality choice?

Household chemicals: how to make a quality choice? Tips

Today it is impossible to stop using household chemicals. But at the same time, sometimes people buy low-quality products that not only perform their function poorly, but also contain substances harmful to the body. Today we will try to figure out how to choose only high-quality household chemicals.

Dishwashing detergents

Surfactants, regulators and other substances act as the main components in such products. Often in the composition there are also various dyes and glycerin. And since even after the third rinse, a small percentage of the detergent may appear on the surface of the dishes, it is recommended that you carefully read the composition before purchasing. Pay special attention to the surfactant used, they can be of three types: anionic, cationic and nonionic. Experts do not recommend purchasing products containing anionic surfactants. After all, they negatively affect the state of immunity. The safest are those products where non-ionic surfactants are present in the composition. The safety of this substance lies in the fact that it is of plant origin. As for the designation “ECO” on the bottle with the product, this should not always be believed. After all, such a designation does not always guarantee that the composition really contains safe substances.

Detergents for laundry

Surfactants and phosphates are the main components of washing powders. Manufacturers add phosphates to powders specifically to adjust the amount of acidity and soften the water. Due to this, a better washing process is provided. But some experts say that phosphates are harmful to human health and therefore in some European countries they are added to powders in small quantities. And sometimes manufacturers use zeolites as an alternative. They are considered to be more secure. And at the same time, in their physical characteristics, they resemble ordinary sand. But such powders wash laundry much worse. Therefore, it is recommended to use them only for washing clothes in very hot water.

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