Healthy sleep and how to keep it


As we all know, sleep is one of the most important human needs. The entire body in a dream undergoes the most complete recovery after certain energy expenditures. Sleep is especially useful for nerve cells, since in our time and in many branches of life of a modern person, his nerve cells are subjected to great stress. On average, sleep takes about a third of a person’s entire life.

A person’s age is related to the length of sleep. So, babies sleep for a relatively long time, and as they get older, the average duration of their sleep decreases. Exceptions, of course, also exist – these are often people with apathy or sick people who need more energy to maintain the normal life support of the body. It is also very beneficial for such people to sleep in the afternoon.

So, newborn babies require about 20 hours of sleep per day; 16 hours are enough for one-year-olds; children from 3 to 5 years old are satisfied with 12 hours; 11-12 hours are needed for preschoolers and primary school students; high school students – 8.5-9 hours, and finally, the sleep rate for adults is about 8 hours a day.

A comfortable and healthy sleep can be ensured by observing the following rules:

– try to often ventilate your living quarters, in particular, leave the window open during sleep;

– if you have such an opportunity, then go to bed and get up every day at the same time;

– stop mental stress no later than 2 hours before bedtime;

– eat no later than a couple of hours before bedtime, while food should be light and in moderation, also do not smoke or drink coffee, tea and alcohol immediately before bedtime;

– for 10 minutes an hour before going to bed, take walks in the fresh air;

– if you are in a sufficiently agitated state that it is not very easy for you to fall asleep, then take a warm (not hot) bath or shower – this helps to relieve tension in the body and to sleep quickly.

In addition to the above, it should be added that if you wear pajamas or a nightgown at night, then make sure that the clothes do not restrict your movements and do not interfere with free and easy breathing. In addition, do not cover yourself with a blanket with your head and do not hide your head under the pillow either, as this also interferes with full breathing.

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