Benefits of composite pools


The popularity of composite pools is growing day by day, as they have a huge number of advantages over similar structures of other types.

The surface of such structures is covered with a special insulating layer and has a smooth structure, which makes it possible to perfectly retain heat, reducing the cost of heating water. In addition, the surface of pools of this type has no seams, which makes it possible to almost completely eliminate the likelihood of leakage. Such products are made of special composite materials that are distinguished by a high level of reliability and strength, as well as resistance to corrosion and other types of negative influences. Water with dissolved disinfectants and direct sunlight do little to no time on the composite surface, resulting in an incredibly long service life for the entire structure.

Among the main advantages of composite pools over analogues made of other materials, the following are worth noting:

– Relatively low weight, which makes it possible to reduce the load on the base. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to install products of this type on the roofs of buildings.

– Due to the excellent material resistance, the product is about 17 times stronger than a standard concrete bowl.

– The durability of such products is at least three times greater than that of concrete counterparts.

Due to the low thermal conductivity, the water needs to be heated much less frequently.

– Due to the solidity of the cladding, it is possible to achieve the absence of weak points even in products with a complex shape.

– The complete absence of protruding sharp corners makes it possible to achieve the required level of injury safety.

– There are a huge number of models of similar products, differing in shape and depth, which makes it possible for each consumer to choose the most suitable option.

– The buyer has the opportunity to choose the shade he likes from a huge number of possible ones.

– The warranty for the composite surface is ten years, and for the entire structure as a whole twenty years.

– Products of this type are specially adapted for use in harsh domestic conditions.

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